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@Abacus77 wrote:

However, are there any temporary files produced during transcoding?
I guess yes, because I see the stick access LED blinking almost all the time when I play OGGs.

The transcoding is done by the “” script in /opt/sbin. For ogg files, it transcodes directly to stdout to wavstreamer, which does nothing but streams it straight to the client. Nothing on the mt-daapd side is creating any files.

To which directory are these files written, and (how) can I reroute these files to another destination?
I’m asking because my uNSLUng runs on a flash stick which has – as we all know – a limited number of write cycles. If temporary files are produced, the best thing to do would certainly be to reroute them to the hard disk.

Possible it’s oggdec doing it. I can’t imagine anything writing to anywhere other than /tmp. That’s the only directory thats even probably writable by the user that mt-daapd runs as.

Actually, now that it think about it — maybe the shell actually creates temp files for redirection. If so, I imagine it would do it in /tmp.

(2) If I want to upgrade to a new nightly, do I have to uninstall the current version first, or can I just “ipkg install ” over the old one?

You can safely just install right over the top.

— Ron