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Sorry, I should have said in the last post. The drive was originally formatted NTFS but I formatted EXT3 with the web utility for the NSLU2.
I suspect that there may be another partition on the drive as the full 320G does not appear. (only 302Gb) The USB Drive is plugged into the top usb connector on the slug and appears as USB Disk 2 on the web interface for the slug.
I’m nearly at the stage of starting from scratch and re-flashing the unit with the Linksys firmware and unsling again from there after doing a low level format on the HDD.
I also notice that when i copy an mp3 album from the PC into the network folder (mp3) it takes about 4 minutes to copy over…….very slow.
When I did tests with the linksys software the copy over process was fast!
What do you think?