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Ron is right.
However my slug never did recognize the NTFS drive as “native”.

So I had to “cheat” a lot 😉

Try if the slug recoginizes the hdd via the web interface, and if not, you need to get down and dirty. 😡 😀

if not, here’s how it’ll work:
you need to “mount” the hard disk to the slug to see wether it works.

mount [fat32|ntfs|etx2|ext3] /dev/hda1 /share/hdd/data

(If your HD is mounted to usb port 2 then it might be hdb1)
note that you should know what filesystem the HD is. If its slug formatted it should be ext2/3, and the slug should recognize it. If its windows formatted its prolly NTFS, but maybe fat32. NTFS has a bad performance on the slug, though. Anyway.

Then you should be able to do a

ls / share/hdd/data

and see the contents of your drive.

Try to start mt-daapt / firefly.