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@fizze wrote:

Yes, I can confirm this.

I noticed it until I twiggled with the config file manually. I think that the initial (read: default) config file isnt suited too well for the config app, perhaps ?
Im back at modifying the config file manually however, since Im used to that.

There really is no debug level 0. Debug levels 0 and 1 always get reported, no matter what the debug level is. Also, the debuglevel doesn’t come from the config file, but the web page reports what the value is based on the config file. So if it isn’t specified in the config file, then it reports it as 0, even it if was started with a different config value.

If that makes sense.

Probably doesn’t, but there you go. The bottom line is that it’s normal, not abnormal, just seems abnormal. 🙂