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Reply To: Problems with artwork embedded in .mp3 files



@nik8 wrote:

I’ve just got mt-daapd working on an NSLU2 also (fine job Ron!!). I’m using iTunes 7.0 and I use Tag&Rename to write IDv2 tags (says in the blurb that is writes v2.3 and 2.4 tags for compatibility. My problem with artwork is that if I load the MP3 direct into iTunes then the artwork is displayed fine but through mt-daapd I get all the other tags except artwork.

When playing remote songs, you can only see the art of songs you are actually streaming. So you have to toggle the art display from “Selected Item” to “Now Playing”, and you should see the art for songs you are streaming.

No real workaround for it — the server (for performance reasons, I guess) doesn’t send artwork when the client connects and fetches the library.

— Ron