Reply To: Static Playlists from iTune Music Library XML File – How?


@artagesw wrote:

Ahh, Ok. Thanks for the reply. So, I guess my next question would be… how stable is the nightly? Is it fairly bug-free? Is a stable release with this feature coming along in fairly short order?

right now nightlies are pretty stable, and 1359 represents the root of a branch that will shortly become osx and windows stable releases. I’m going to hold off on a unix stable until I get the database stuff refactored and working quickly on embedded systems like the nslu2.

I don’t expect that will take too long, but as soon as I start that, which will be in the next week or so, nightlies will probably destabilize somewhat.

1359 is good and stable though.

Oh…and is it a difficult upgrade process going from 0.2.4 to the nightlies?

Not really… you’ll want to delete your old config and use a new config from /contrib, as there are new features. Then you probably want to go into the web configuration and finish up configuring… there is more stuff exposed in the web config that is mentioned in the contrib config file.

— Ron