Reply To: Random ‘Failed to connect to server’ messages


@christophlad wrote:

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this message? It doesn’t happen all the time but does seem to be linked with periods of inactivity.

I use an unslung NSLU2 running mt-daapd v0.2.4 with a roku SB m500.

NSLU2 is wired to a 3com officeconnect router and SB is connected wirelessly with static ip.

Seem to get the message when I resume SB from standby. Then when I try to reconnect again it usually works. I had the same problem when I ran my server from an XP pc with firefly and iTunes but didn’t get the problem with WMC2 on the same pc.

Any help would be appreciated as this is really annoying.


It appears (to me, I might be wrong) to be a soundbridge issue. I also get that occasionally, as well as sometimes not being able to connect at all unless I reboot the soundbridge.

Are you running the latest firmware? It seems to have made the “failed to connect to server” less frequent, but now it when it happens (which again, is less frequently — maybe once a month?) then it just wont connect no matter how many times you retry unless you reboot the soundbridge.

In any event, whenever the soundbridge does that, the firefly server seems to be working fine.. discoverable over rendezvous, web page responds, iTunes can connect… just the soundbridge wont.