Reply To: Feedback on svn-1362


I am having the same issue, Every time the scan runs it adds a “Statting” log entry for every file in the media library, you mention that it is fixed in svn, but I am new to this and I dont understand where to get the fix. I think I have the latest build, but maybe I am missing something. I also noticed that since the log is adding an entry for every file, the log file grows pretty fast. I have about 700 songs, which is comparitavly smaller than most music collecters, and my file went to 35MB in about 8 hours. I have changed my always_scan option to 0 so the log updates less frequently. Despite this I want to say thank you for this program. I am only recently getting into the whole ipod world and having this has made sharing my music among family members in my home much less of a hastle

Thank you