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@Scallica wrote:

I am trying to compile build 1359 on a Solaris 8 box. I have the sqlite3 libraries installed. When I run the configure command, it complains that it cannot find sqlite3_open ? See below….

./configure –with-gdbm-includes=/usr/local/include –with-gdbm-libs=/usr/local/lib –enable-sqlite3 –with-sqlite3-includes=/usr/local/include –with-sqlite3-libs=/usr/local/lib

checking id3tag.h usability… yes
checking id3tag.h presence… yes
checking for id3tag.h… yes
checking for id3_file_open in -lid3tag… yes
checking sqlite3.h usability… yes
checking sqlite3.h presence… yes
checking for sqlite3.h… yes
checking for sqlite3_open in -lsqlite3… no
Must have sqlite3 libraries installed

Is it possible the sqlite libs went in /usr/local/lib/sqlite3 or something crazy like that? Is libsqlite3.a actually *in* /usr/local/lib?

It might also be worth looking at the config.log and seeing how the conftest failed… might give you more info.

— Ron