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@cromei wrote:

Has anyone tried creating a playlist with songs on a network drive in iTunes and then moved the iTunes playlist file to network drive so that the NSLU2 that is running FireFly can pickup the playlists from iTunes?
Any gotchas or things I need to know?

The biggest thing to know is that the file system layout needs to match the iTunes xml file. For example, if you had an iTunes managed library and copied that whole library to the slug, then dropped the itunes xml file on the slug, that would work fine.

If the files originally came from the slug and all the files were in a big random pile of songs, then you imported them into iTunes and set up playlists, then that won’t work — the iTunes xml file expects to find the files in the order that it arranged the music into, not the original order that was on the slug.

if that makes sense.

So if your slug library LOOKS like an iTunes library, then yeah, you can drop the iTunes xml on the slug and it should work. Best place to drop it is the directory that has all the artists. iTunes keeps stuff like Artist/Album/Track Title, so if you put it in the folder that is just a bunch of artist names, that will work fine.

Make sure your process_m3u is set to 1.

— Ron