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@macollin wrote:

Thanks Ron. I’m using a D-link DI-624. I double checked that all of my setting are currently the same as when it was using rsp.

I’ll do some searches for something like Bonjour Browser for windows.

On a side note, the server does say that Bonjour is not running, but I think I read that I just need to upgrade to fix.

If you wire your soundbridge, that will probably work, too. Sounds like when they are on the same side of the router (wired versus wireless) it will work, but not when they are split — one on wired and the other on wireless.

Since you *can* see it from iTunes, it means it must be proxying the _daap._tcp info, but probably not _rsp._tcp. So you can connect to it in the iTunes way, but not the rsp way… hence the slowness.

That’s what the AVM router does, anyway, and the symptoms sound identical.

— Ron