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@macollin wrote:

I recently changed my network setup – my desktop used to be wireless and now it is plugged directly into my router (which is connected to my Soundbridge wirelessly). Prior to changing my network setup, when I would start my playlist for all songs (about 10,000) the list would load rather quickly. During the load time I would see the Soundbrige read something like “Loading song x of 10,000” this would increment accordinlgy and rather quickly. However, now it just reads “Loading Songs…”. It seems to take much longer now as well. As as aside I would notice this behavior when I used to use iTunes as my server (and is the main reason why I switched to Firefly).

The other strange thing I noticed is that now the Firefly icon shows up in my task bar, whereas when I was wireless on the desktop it would never show up.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

What kind of router?

It sounds like it used to be using rsp and now it’s using daap. I’m guessing you have a router that doesn’t do true multicast. (like an AVM router, maybe?)

You can verify that by running something like “Bonjour Browser” (for mac) or something like that. I don’t know of any equivalent tool for windows though, but it’s my guess that it’s a router issue.