Reply To: Firefly Media Server doesn’t scan for Chinese filename


@ckyang wrote:

Yes, it’s a configuration problem.
Finally I copy song.db to C:Program FilesFirefly Media ServerC
copy *.dll to C:Prog

I think there is still something not right there.. I think that “c:prog” should be “c:program files…”, but something is truncating it. I’ll have to look at that.

It works very fine. 9959 out of 9975 songs are scanned.
It seems that all Chinese/Japanese songs work fine.

So *something* at least is working. Seems like maybe it’s just reading the configuration file that is bad, somehow.

Two problem left
1.) 16 songs are not found. I will find if possible. It may take a lot of time.
2.) Information of 20~30 songs is wrong. It may relate to MP3 ID3 tag version (BIG5 or Unicode issue). I will test it and reply.

Some songs have id3v2 tags that say they are latin1, when they are really in codepage (big5). I know how to fix this, and it is on my list of things to fix, but I wanted to get the path stuff working first, then I’ll worry about the codepage tags.

Thank you very much. I am very happy with this progress.

And thanks again for your help. I don’t have a lot of chinese music or access to a real chinese system. Mostly I’m kind of guessing in the dark.

It’s nice to be making progress, though. 🙂

— Ron