Reply To: How does Firefly handle ratings


I’m trying to replicate my iTunes playlists using the Firelfly smart playlist wizard. Having read many of the forum posts on playlists, I’m still having trouble understanding how to create a Firefly playlist based on the iTunes star ratings, e.g. Echo & the Bunnymen tracks rated > ***

Do I need to take an intermediate step, to create a value in the “comment” field in iTunes, which represents the star rating? I see from your posts that this is normally done from in steps of 20 points from a value of 0 to 100.

Or, is Firefly able to pick up the star rating automatcially if I simply tell the wizard that, for example, rating > 60? I have tried this option and the tracks don’t appear in the smart playlist folder when viewed on my Soundbridge or in iTunes.

I have my library on a NAS drive, in case that throws any further spanners into the works, however I am able to see the iTunes playlists passed through from the XML file.

Thanks, Paul.