Reply To: How does Firefly handle ratings


I wasn’t aware of the fact that Firefly was build to serve iTunes.
So it makes sense how you implemented it of course.
I wouldn’t go for a 0 – 255 rating as well for the same reasen you mentioned. I guess a 0 – 10 should be sufficient and this would enable the use of half-stars. I would appreciate it if you could look into this since I (and growing number of people) find that MediaMonkey is a player well worth taking a look at.
I’m shure it must appeal to people involved in scripts and customizing progams such as yourself.
Anyway, thanks for the explanation.
By the way, since iTunes keeps its ratings in an internal database rather than writing to the tags, how could using another scale in Firefly interfere with this since you convert it anyway.
I’m quite interested in how this works.