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@T&E wrote:

Hi, I’ve been battling this out for about 4 months now and although progress has been made I still can’t hear any music on my pinnacle sondbridge. I am a non linux person which just helps make everything that much more slower.

I am running an NSLU unslung 6.8 on a 1 GB USB stick with a NTFS harddrive on disk 2. Having just installed the latest nightly, 1348 and corrected the config file – the soundbridge can finaly see the firefly server. The first hurdle to overcome was that the port was already in use. I don’t know by what. Having changed the port nr the connect is made. Everything though seems to be running very SLOWLY. When searching for an artist the browse may return something, but probably not, ‘Search failed’ is more often the answer. If a result is shown then it won’t play any of the tracks that are then listed.
All tracks have been modified. There are about 20.000 tracks on the harddrive.

I really don’t want a media server running on a pc and had hoped the NSLU was up to the job – so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Please beware that I am a complete linux newbie. If more details are needed just let me know. Thanks

There is a post somewhere by fizze about ntfs and the slug. Bottom line is that the ntfs driver is amazingly slow, but I think fizze posted some configuration info that make it faster.

I still think you are best off formatting the drive as ext3, though. It should be *much* faster than ntfs.

You should have no problem with an ext3 drive and a slug serving a soundbridge. That’s what I use serving mine, and have for quite some time.