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Hey rpedde, thanks but this doesent solve the Problem. I wait 3 Minutes bevore i reconnect the power adapter… I Use the pinnacle in German language and the perdant error Message in German is: SoundBridge hat im Netzwerk einen oder mehrere DAAP-Server (wie z.B. ITunes) gefunden, kann aber keine Verbindung herstellen. Um mit SoundBridge auf diese Server zugreifen zu können empfehlen wir die Verwendung des Firefly Media Server, kostenlos erhällich auf

This means that SoundBridge hase been found one or more DAAP-Server (such as ITunes) but is unable to establish a connection to them. And the SoundBridge means i should be use the Firefly Media Server…

Stubid, or i don´t understand it…

Ooooh… that message is a message that *really* means “you are using an AVM router”.


AVM doesn’t seem to do multicast right (instead chooses to do mdns proxying), and if you have one device on the wired side and the other device on the wireless side, it doesn’t work.

It will work to connect by iTunes, but not with the soundbridge. To fix it, you must either:

1. Put both sides on the same side of the router — make both the server and soundbridge wireless, or both wired.
2. Use a different router than the AVM. Linksys, dlink, whatever.

I’d add a:

3. Bug AVM to fix this — they can do it by implementing multicast, or by proxying _rsp._tcp.

— Ron