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@echtepino wrote:

I’ve read all the topics regarding FLAC on this forum and Roku’s forum.
My Pinnacle SB1001 and Firefly won’t play FLAC.
My FLAC files are mostly generated with One-click Audio Converter 3.9 from APE-files.
The first bits read as:

fLaC " 7
ÄBð!ST>+3ôªN;qÂB¾„ Î reference libFLAC 1.1.2 20050205 title=La Femme D'Argent
artist=Air album=Moon Safari comment=Track 1 date=1998
tracknumber=1% encoder=One-click Audio Converter 3.9ÿøY k ŠÿøYl ‡ÿÿøYe ¾eÿøYb )ÿøYw ÍQÿøYp Z$ÿøYy c¾ÿøY~ ôËÿøY¨@ µ«P

This should be fine.
Tagging is done with Tag&Rename 3.2. Untagged FLAC’s also don’t play.
Needless to say that mp3 and WMA play fine

Does anyone have a clue?

Should play fine. What platform and version of firefly? Are you loading a transcoder plugin? Either ssc-script or ssc-ffmpeg?