Reply To: Roku Preset broken


@cromei wrote:

It is funny, because thw whole sequence I go through on the SB is turn on, it automatically connects to MyMusic server, then my remote control macro turns the SB off, waits 5 sec and hits the preset A1. I get the Server unavailable message, and then it goes to the screen Play MyMusic. And The I can connect and no issue. So I go from Connect ot can not connect to connect.

Maybe a drive spin-down issue? I know initial connects to my slug take a while if the drive is spun down.

But what about basics… forget about the funky remote control stuff. Can you manually turn on the roku, connect to the server, and play preset a1?

I don’t know if this is a server problem or a roku problem or a macro remote-control problem. Or all three. What does work?