Reply To: Roku Preset broken


Can you connect at all? And if you re-build the preset does it work?

Yup, no problem connecting and I rebuilt the preset, no help.

Maybe turning everything off, starting iTunes a couple times, then turning everything back on? Something like Bonjour Browser or iStumbler will help see what rendezvous names are registered — could help troubleshooting.

Rebooted NSLU2,still no help.

It is funny, because thw whole sequence I go through on the SB is turn on, it automatically connects to MyMusic server, then my remote control macro turns the SB off, waits 5 sec and hits the preset A1. I get the Server unavailable message, and then it goes to the screen Play MyMusic. And The I can connect and no issue. So I go from Connect ot can not connect to connect.

I have also tried from everything being shut down and hitting the PresetA1 button and it still gets the Server unavailable message.

I have to do the fancy turn off part due to how my Logitech Remote works with automated macros…

I forgot to mention I was on a NSLU2, if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any advice.