Reply To: Roku Preset broken


@cromei wrote:

Here’s a wierd one… I updated to 1348, and when I run a preset, I get cannot connect to server MyMusic, it waits a couple of seconds and the Roku says Play My Music… It worked on 1333… I also noticed my Play last server had the same messaging.

I am posting here since this is the only thing I changed…
Any thoughts?

Can you connect at all? And if you re-build the preset does it work?

The only thing I could think would be that the server name changed, but you would have recognized that already.

I don’t have a good answer for that.

Unless it’s a transient mdns thing (old version shutdown badly, and didn’t release the name, and the new server came up with a different name)

Maybe turning everything off, starting iTunes a couple times, then turning everything back on? Something like Bonjour Browser or iStumbler will help see what rendezvous names are registered — could help troubleshooting.