Reply To: 1348 and Banshee


Ok, forget that … 🙁

I did some research in respect to mp3 playing on OpenSuse 10.1. folks from Novell have provided a closed-source backend engine called Helix (bsaed of RealPlayer), which gets used by Banshee by default.

GStreamer 0.10, which is supposed to handle all of that is not capable of playing MP3 files.

So far so good. However, playing remote http:// or rsp:// streams seems not to be working with helix. I dunno why, maybe a higher trace level will reveal that. So I will provide that for you.

Anyway, I removed all helix* packages and rebuild gstreamer manually. Ola! I can now play thru banshee from mt-daapd nightly 1348.


Do you want to track down the issue with helix?