Reply To: Direct Play Option


@cosmo wrote:

It is possible to do that using the SlimServer where you can send directly URLs or a filepath to the server for playback. Can something like that also be implemented with Firefly?

Thats something that’s easy to do with slim because the server itself controls what the client plays. It’s harder with daap, because it’s a client-controlled protocol, not a server controlled protocol.

That said, I know there is interest in being able to control playback on the soundbridge from the server side. I know Roku is aware of that interest, and hopefully thats something they will want to tackle, as a fair bit of that would have to be done on their side as well.

Perhaps something like that will become possible if they decided to pursue synchronized audio.

Dunno, but it’s definitely something that’s fairly far down the feature path, just because of the work that would have to be done to build the infrastructure necessary to support such a feature.

Short answer: no time soon, I’m afraid.

— Ron