Reply To: MAC OS X & b3: run at system boot


@cfellers wrote:

I’ve been trying to get this work all day on my OSX box using the code from above and hardcoding all of the links in the firefly.conf file. I’ve tried starting it with -c firefly.conf and -c /full-path-to/firefly.conf. I’ve tried installing for only me and for everyone, with the same results. The only response I get is ‘Error reading config file (mt-daapd.conf)’. This is using the 1359 nightly build. When I use the Prefs Pane to start the Firefly server, it works perfect and plays in my iTunes clients. I’m at my wits end on this.


There is a bug in the current firefly for long paths. It’s fixed in svn, and will be present in the next nightly. That will probably be tomorrow at

— Ron