Reply To: Maxtor Shared Storage Plus and Firefly


@jimt wrote:

It works but does not transcode WMAL which my entire library is composed of.

As grommet said, there is no open-source decoder for wmal, and not a lot of interest in making one either, apparently, as everyone interested in cross-platform lossless appears to have already settled on flac.

It looks like there hase been some discussion in this forum about Firefly on an MSS Plus but it seemed to stop short of a testable solution with clear instructions.

Probably because nobody around here that regularly posts (myself included) have one. There is no reason it wouldn’t run on an MSS, but it would probably require some moderate kung-fu to get a build chain for mss going.

Is this something being worked on? Do I need to flash my MSS with Openmss or something else? Do I need to manually transcode my files to .WAV ir some other lossless format?

Again, not having one, that’s an itch I don’t have. You will almost certainly have to move to a unslung/optware supportable distro like openmss to be able to run arbitrary software like firefly, so my guess would be yeah, openmss is the way to go.

As far as directions, I’m guessing you’d probably have a better chance digging up help on the openmss forums.

At some point, I might spring for a mss box just so I can answer these type of questions (as well as post nightlies for it), but those cost money and stuff. 🙂

— Ron