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@powerpool wrote:

[email protected], i´m sorry but i´m unable to find the “gdbm.h” on my SuSe 9.2, the packet gdbm was alredy installt. I could only find php_gdbm.h but it din´t work… I got this errormesseage if i would compile! Could enyone help me or send a howto for SuSe 9.2? For webserver i use the lampp My mp3 files are on a samba share on the same engine I´m sorry if this post still exist, but i´could not find it…

You’ll need the gdbm-devel package (or gdbm-dev, whichever suse calls it.)

Once you have that (as well as the libid3tag-devel package), you should be in business.

— Ron