Reply To: Feedback on svn-1348


One more benchmark with iTunes XML, now without debug logging:

2006-08-14 22:13:05 (f3f11f6d): Full reload...
2006-08-14 22:13:05 (f3f11f6d): Starting mp3 scan
2006-08-14 22:14:10 (f3f11f6d): Starting playlist scan
2006-08-14 22:14:10 (f3f11f6d): Done processing playlist
2006-08-14 22:14:37 (f3f11f6d): Scanned 20679 songs in 92 seconds
2006-08-14 22:14:37 (f3f11f6d): Serving 20679 songs. Startup complete in 92 seconds

Just a tad over 90 seconds for a ~20K track full load from scratch. WOW!

I thought I had some iTunes client Playlist sorting issues, but they have since disappeared. So, maybe it was my iTunes client losing it’s mind. (Side note: I still get the Playlist entry bad: Path not found errors in the log on the blank lines in the .M3U files…)