Reply To: Sync Soundbridge with iTunes


@AndyPyne wrote:

Looking at the Firefly interface I couldn’t see an obvious way to do it. I have a PC running XP SP2 if that helps.

That’s correct. Currently there is not a way to do something like that.

If this is something that’s not currently possible, could I request this feature as a ‘would like to have’ for the next Beta release. Not that I know a great deal about programming, but I would imagine it’s not impossible to have a ‘lock stream’ type of option that would force each connecting device to play from the same stream?!

The idea of synchronizing audio to multiple soundbridges is something that has been kicked around some, and that’s probably possible, but not as much with iTunes, since it would require changes on the client side.

The only real way I know to do something like that is airport express/airtunes, or something like Rogue Amoeba’s Nicecast.

If you nicecasted your iTunes, you could connect to it as a streaming radio station from the soundbridge.

— Ron