Reply To: Firefly dies with "Unable to open database file"


For more info: Here’s a log of it failing while it’s NOT streaming, so it seems to be a problem just while scanning. I’m not sure why its trying to do the update as nothing will have changed.

Log file: firefly.log

2006-08-13 11:42:47 (47a075f8): Starting with debuglevel 0
2006-08-13 11:42:47 (47a075f8): Starting rendezvous daemon
2006-08-13 11:42:47 (47a075f8): Initializing database
2006-08-13 11:42:53 (47a075f8): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
2006-08-13 11:42:54 (47a075f8): Registering rendezvous names
2006-08-13 11:42:54 (47a075f8): Serving 5145 songs. Startup complete in 7 seconds
2006-08-13 11:42:54 (47a075f8): Rescanning database
2006-08-13 11:42:54 (47a075f8): Scanning C:Documents and SettingsiTunesMy DocumentsMy MusiciTunesiTunes Music Library.xml

2006-08-13 11:47:49 (47a075f8): Error: unable to open database file
2006-08-13 11:47:49 (47a075f8): Error updating file: ae10380c_0f2b411d_12.mp3
2006-08-13 11:47:49: Aborting

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really like this server and would love to be able to use it.