Reply To: Feedback on svn-1340


@grommet wrote:

So, if that is fixed… everything is looking very good, Ron! Now I can bug you about the missing WMA size/sample rate info… and the missing additional WM/Composer entries, again. 8)

I did look at wm/composer. Strangely, the “extra” composers aren’t stored in the same section as the rest of the tags. They are stored in another header, and the wma doc doesn’t seem to show how they are stored. :/

Looks implementation-specific or something. I’m going to have another go at it, but it wasn’t an obvious “oh, I messed that up” kind of thing — it was a “oh, this will take significant effort” kind of thing. So I shelved it.

hopefully this drop will become a stable, and I can start working on features again. I really want to work on the database stuff, and the user-side tagging stuff.

— Ron