Reply To: Tracks listed twice



It was a combo-fault.

The NAS box is Linux based and the timestamp on a file can be a second or two out when viewed from Windows.

The prog which copies the files *to* the NAS box from the machine I used ot use to RIP didn’t know this so instead of copying new files once a day, it would re-copy ALL files once a day.

The NAS box has a built-in “wastebin” function and kept copies of some of the old versions of the above re-re-recopy process.

The prog I used to create the “local” library copy for Firefly to use copied taht too, and Firefly indexed it.

Having tracked it down, “spare” copies deleted in no time flat, and it didn’t take firefly more than about 45 seconds to re-scan the whole lot and dump out the dupes from the d/b, confirmed by repeating the SQlite query.

Thanks for the input.

I’m assuming it’s why iTunes had dupe entries too, I’ll test that out if I can be botehred to fireup iTunes again…

I *assume*, by the way, that when the advertising for Firefly claims it provides the link between iTunes and ROKU SoundBridge, it’s *actually* providing a link from the stored MP3s and SoundBridge, with iTunes being just one way to create, store and manage the MP3s? I don’t *need* iTunes if I hate it?