Reply To: Tracks listed twice


Wow – nice compact piece of code. Reminds me of the good old days.

Anyway it reveals taht as well as e:musicthat the system has found and catalogued a whole bunch of MP3 files from e:recycled.

The reason there are a bunch of MP3 files in there is probably down to a factor of the software I use to repllicate the content of the MP3 store on the NAS (SecondCopy) and teh fact that the NAS is linux based, which has caused problems with timestamps not *quite* lining up. SecondCopy authors have a fix for this, which I’ll implement and then test again.

meantime – does a “full scan” in firefly *purge* from Songs.db stuff which it can no longer find on disk? Or would I be better songs.db by hand (either see if I can remember enough SQL to create a suitable delete statement or just delete the lot and let a Scan re-build the list)?