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@ccomley wrote:

Most odd.

My library has been created by MMJB. But the library itself is just a tree full of MP3 files.

When I load up iTunes (mac or PC version) and say “go scan R: for music” it lists every file twice.

Well as I prefer not to use iTune I don’t really care. Just thought it odd.


Now Iv’e sent Firefly to list all the MP3s in my library. And it *too* has every file twice- when I select an album, it builds a queue which has each track in it twice!

Any idea what’s going on? I’m *sure* that each track exists only once within the directory tree that the server’s been pointed at. There is a second copy of the entire music tree (it’s called a backup!) but Firefly can’t see it. (It’s on a NAS, when I *tried* to get Firefly to see it I failed!)

Is it possible that there is a symlink in there somewhere pointing back to the tree?

You can look at the database itself in firefly and see where they are… I’m not sure if you are using windows or mac or some other unix for the firefly server, but assuming the server is unix, you might do something like this on the firefly server:

[email protected]:~$ sqlite /path/to/firefly/db/songs.db
sqlite> select path from songs where title like '%some song%'

Obviously replace the “some song” with a unique fragement of a song title, and it should tell you what paths it found it at. That will give you an idea of what’s up.

— Ron