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@unbound wrote:

I recently installed mt-daapd on to an unslung NSLU2, and it works great.
The question that I have is about organizing the songs for playback.

I copied my 600 song collection a folder on the NSLU2 drive, and pointed mt-daapd to the folder.

All 600 songs show up fine, but as a looooong 600 song list, making things hard to find without fancy searches.

Can anyone recommend a method for organizing the way that the songs are displayed? I would basically like to be able to at some point see nothing but album names, and then be able to select songs from within an album.

Thanks for the program, it is really great!

That’s really a function of the client, as opposed to the server. That said, there are a few things you can do. From the iTunes side, you can use the browse interface (the eyeball icon) to browse by artist or album or genre or whatever. That might help find stuff better.

You can also set up smart playlists or static playlists to be able to select things that way.

Really, though, that’s kinda just how iTunes works. That is to say, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. 🙂

I *like* having all my files here and being able to use the search bar to find what I want. I guess it’s mostly a matter of personal preference, though.

If you need a hand with setting up playlists, though, give a yell.

— Ron