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The one thing that I do miss from the SlimServer setup though is a computer (ie in that case) interface to control the SB. Am I missing one that’s available for Firefly or is it just not available? I’m looking at implementing this at the office and would really like to be able to control it from my desk vs. having to get up and trapse my lazy butt over there and do it at the rack. Any help greatly appreciated

Not really. Part of the problem is the fact that the iTunes server (firefly) is really just a file server of sorts — the client is the one responsible for determining what to play.

That said, there are some apps that can remote control the roku to help it choose music better, and build playlists on the roku side. For unix, I know of “groku”, but I don’t know any windows ones (not that there aren’t, I’m sure there are, just that I’m more a mac/unix person than windows person, so I haven’t looked specifically for it on windows).

Anyone know what some of them might be?

Ah… wait, here is a page that might have some stuff that might help:

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