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@ccomley wrote:

So it looks like I have a working system. BUT. I’d really like to drive it all of the NAS box instead of having to have a duplicate of all the music and tie up one of my external USB2 drives.

Right. Makes sense.

I tried settign the “log in as” paramter in the XP Service config to a user who has access to the NAS, but after re-starting the service I still get the error when putting r: as a music source dir.

It’s not only that, but it has to be a user with a local account that has teh R drive mapped persistently. For example, if you log on as the user you have specified in the “logon” for that service and the R: drive isn’t automatically mapped, then it won’t work when the service starts up, either.

Safest best is to not use drive mappings, but to use UNC.

Like \serversharemusic…, rather than R:music, if that makes sense.
You’ll still need to log it on as a user that has read access to those files.

I think if you do that, you’ll be golden.

— Ron