Reply To: Playlists


Aha – the M3u format is correct but, of course, the ones I already had had the path to the NAS box which Firefly won’t talk to.

I edited one and replaecd the path to the NAS box with the path to the local copy I’ve made of the music data, and… the playlist works perfectly on the Roku!

So it looks like I have a working system. BUT. I’d really like to drive it all of the NAS box instead of having to have a duplicate of all the music and tie up one of my external USB2 drives.

I tried settign the “log in as” paramter in the XP Service config to a user who has access to the NAS, but after re-starting the service I still get the error when putting r: as a music source dir.

I was going to set the “runas” parameter in the CONF file as advised on theRoku forum, but the notes in the CONF file say that parm is not used on Windows and, anyway, I coudln’t see where to put the matching password.

Any clues?

I don’t *think* I can create an account for “administrator” on the NAS box – I’m not sure that the service on XP runs explicitly as “administrator” anyway – I really need to get Firefly to use a specific username/password when accessing the NAS.