Reply To: Feedback on svn-1333


@grommet wrote:

Also, something I did caused every song referenced in the .m3u playlist to show up with names/titles as filenames now… not just random ones (and not just .wma, like in the last test)… not sure what I did to trigger that. The long scan time bug is preventing me from really beating on it. (I might need to try a small library repro.)

My guess on the “.wma” only scenario was that the iTunes XML supplied the info for the .mp3 files referenced (no WMA in iTunes!)… and the Playlist was processed after the XML was done, but before Firefly finished it’s own scan? Possible? (But shouldn’t the scan replace the “name as filename” entry with the real name… since it populated the other metadata?) My head hurts. 8)

Yeah, I’m wondering if you are connecting before the scan is done, and you are seeing stuff before all the metadata gets filled.

Still wondering where all the time is.

Can you do a -d9 so I can see timestamps on what’s taking so long? I’m wondering if it’s a particular query or what….