Reply To: Feedback on svn-1333


@grommet wrote:

I never reference tracks I don’t have in mp3_dir… so it should be fine.

More oddness: I removed the .m3u, did a full database scan and restart… so everything was “correct” as expected. Then I added back the .m3u Playlist… did a restart/rescan of Firefly… and it changed the track name of all the “.wma” files in the playlist to the full filename. (The same .wma tracks had the correct title in the library before the scan.) As before, the other metadata is correct… just the name is wrong. ❓ I’m getting confused here; not sure what path to go to narrow this down. 😕

Different case? That’s the side effect of keeping case on playlist names — files aren’t normalized to lower case, and firefly ends up seeing them as different files.