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Yes, the content is in the first mp3_dir referenced… in fact, on this particular platform… it is the only directory referenced and is the ‘Windows default’ long & painful ‘My Music’ directory path. The .m3u entries used relative directory pointers… for example: ..LunaRomantica8 – 1995.wma The odd part is that it’s not every entry. I guess I should try putting the full path in the .m3u… to see if the behavior changes on scan…

Generally, the music scanning is done in two passes. First is to index the music files, and m3u/xml files are noted and saved for the second pass. Once the first pass is done, then then playlists are processed.

If the playlists reference a file that isn’t in the database, it gets added.

The problem is that if there are no actual files in your mp3_dir, and you are relying on playlists (xml or m3u) to find songs and add them, then they get added after the song transactions are complete, which means updating indexes, etc. If the songs are added during the first pass, they are added without checking to see if they already exists, and without indexes, and inside a transaction, which is much faster.

So upshot is that if you catch the files during the song scan, then performance will be much better. So make sure the path with the actual music is in one of your mp3_dirs.

That’s the only thing I can think of.

Hrm. Let me double-check to make sure I’m not making the indexes when starting the initial scan, though.