Reply To: Feedback on svn-1333


@grommet wrote:

I’ll go back a few more versions when I have the chance and see when the slowdown really began. I know in svn-1206 (wow, that’s old)…. it was around 11 minutes. Is there any specific setting that I might have set that might cause a slowdown?

Probably at 1311. I added the stuff for proper unicode handling. I’m doing translations from utf-8 to unicode back and forth for every fopen, stat, or anything that requires a filename.

I’m guessing that’s it. I guess I could take a look at it again and see what I find on that. I didn’t imagine that would slow down scanning that much, but I bet that’s probably it. Don’t know what else changed on scans.

Particularly since I don’t see that on non-windows platforms. On my mac, for example, I’m doing a full scan of ~7k files in 270 seconds. That’s about on par with your 11 min/20k, and the only real difference is the unicode handling.

I don’t really have a windows box with a decent amount of songs on it, but I’ll try and replicate it.