Reply To: iTunes Songlist Caching?


@rpedde wrote:

Yeah, it could be cached to a file or something, I just haven’t done it. Mostly because I’m not sure exactly how much benefit there would be to it, and because management of the cache would be a pain and restrict me from being able to change how I handle playlists and stuff like that.

I figure once I get to the point that I have everything stable in how I’m storing and handling playlists and whatnot, I might revisit that, as it would probably add some benefit to small boxes like the slug.

So is iTunes basically asking for a ‘refresh’ arbitrarily and forcing firefly to regenerate it? Seems like iTunes should be smarter about when it asks. People’s music libraries can’t possible change so frequently as to require constant updates.

So is firefly regenerating the songlists everytime it gets queried for it?

thanks for the info and satisfying my curiosity.