Reply To: iTunes Songlist Caching?


@fresh_qi wrote:

Running 100gb (20K songs) on a slug, I’ve noticed that it can take itunes quite a bit of time to load the songlist. Over time, it appears to need to refresh (ie if the computer goes to sleep), however nothing has changed on the server.

Do ya’ll think there’s anyway to avoid this from happening by caching the songlist in some way?

Yeah, it could be cached to a file or something, I just haven’t done it. Mostly because I’m not sure exactly how much benefit there would be to it, and because management of the cache would be a pain and restrict me from being able to change how I handle playlists and stuff like that.

I figure once I get to the point that I have everything stable in how I’m storing and handling playlists and whatnot, I might revisit that, as it would probably add some benefit to small boxes like the slug.