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Apologies Ron, the one thing I forgot to do was reboot the slug. This has solved the problems. The error log had nothing odd in it, form which I assumed firefly couldn’t be the problem. The only errors that were there were as below – I assume these relate the “foreign characters” that have been mentioned elsewhere.

<25>Nov 9 15:44:15 mt-daapd[501]: Rescanning database
<25>Nov 9 15:49:53 mt-daapd[501]: Invalid UTF-8 in /share/flash/data/public/mp3/Compilations/Dreamland/01 Na‹ma.aif
<25>Nov 9 15:49:59 mt-daapd[501]: Invalid UTF-8 in /share/flash/data/public/mp3/Compilations/Dreamland/07 L Vai Algu‚m.aif
<25>Nov 9 15:50:05 mt-daapd[501]: Invalid UTF-8 in /share/flash/data/public/mp3/Compilations/Dreamland/11 Canci¢n Para Dormir A Un Ni¤o.aif
<25>Nov 9 15:52:29 mt-daapd[501]: Invalid UTF-8 in /share/flash/data/public/mp3/Sara Tavares/Balancˆ/02 Balancˆ.aif
<25>Nov 9 15:54:50 mt-daapd[501]: Invalid UTF-8 in /share/flash/data/public/mp3/Jose Merce/Lo Que No Se Da/04 Te Pintar‚.aif
<78>Nov 9 16:00:01 cron[442]: running /usr/sbin/CheckDiskFull &>/dev/null
<78>Nov 9 16:00:59 cron[442]: running /usr/sbin/hwclock -s &>/dev/null
<25>Nov 9 16:01:42 mt-daapd[501]: Starting playlist scan
<25>Nov 9 16:02:21 mt-daapd[501]: Scanned 985 songs (was 985) in 1086 seconds

Sorry to waste your time. Keep up the good work!