Reply To: aiff files not recognised on OSX


@andyg wrote:

in answer to the questions:

Okay, that all looks good. Now, check the web config, and make sure that “process m3u files” is set to “yes”.

Then, go to the status page and hit the “Start Full Scan” button.

Let it grind for a while, then see if they show up. Understand that it may take a while for it to get all those.

If they don’t show up, then I’ll ask you to go into the interface and set your debuglevel to 9, then force a full scan again. There should be a log file called “firefly.log” in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefly. If you could zip and email that, along with the firefly.conf to ron at, then I can find out what’s going on.

Everything looks and sounds like it’s right though. I can’t imagine what’s going on. :/

— Ron