Reply To: no mt-daapd in iTunes when in Airport Express WLAN


@WEschner wrote:


my mt-daapd works rather fine in most situations ‘cept one.

mt-daapd 0.2.4 on uNSLUng-6.8 serves “NSLU Music”
slug connected to D-Link DI-524 router via TP Ethernet
DI-524 router broadcasts WLAN #1
Apple Airport Express connected to same router via TP Ethernet and broadcasts WLAN #2

Now, iTunes 6.0.5 on PowerBook OS X 10.4.7
– sees “NSLU Music” when in wired network
– sees “NSLU Music” when in WLAN #1 (from DI-524)
– DOES NOT SEE “NSLU Music” when in WLAN #2 (from Airport Express)

Does anybody know the Airport Express Setup well enough to tell whether this is can be made functional at all? I assume some sort of port collision but of course may be something totally different.

Thanks for any ideas,

It’s hard to know exactly without knowing more about your setup, but it sounds to me like either:

1. Your mt-daapd and client on wlan2 are are different subnets with a different ip range. If so, that’s correct. Won’t work. You’ll need a rendezvous proxy. In fact, check out this for a java proxy that works on a variety of operating systems.

2. Your dlink doens’t have multicast enabled. Some routers have a specific option to enable multicast. See if the dlink does.

— Ron