Reply To: Mac OSX – 1.0b3 — cannot restart Firefly?



don’t know how you’re getting on with those log files but I think I have narrowed it down to the web interface that’s causing firefly not to restart.

D/l’d the latest nightly & installed. Did my usual routine & it failed to start. Then decided to not change the debug level (ie. leave it at 0) & it appears to have stabilised. Can stop & start the server at will. maybe I’m just not seeing it, but am I right in thinking that the debug level can only be changed in the web interface rather than the config file? My theory being that I enter my admin p/w in the config file (using textwrangler) and I have no problem doing that & firefly remains stable but when changing the debug value in the interface then that’s when firefly dies… I think the same situation occurs if I try to add a music folder in the interface rather than through the actual config file. so could be that it prefers the information to be written from the file itself rather than the web interface and that’s where my problem lies.

the other thing I found is that rather than having to point to both the physical location of my music files (2nd internal HD) & to the ~/Music/ folder in Users, Firefly seems happy just pointed to the ~/Music/ folder (where there’s also the .xml file). It finds my music fine and plays it. You may remember my post previously about the metadata being left off .aiff files hence the need to point to both locations. So far this seems to have cured it! I’ll keep an eye on things though.

cheers, andy