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@psychoplasma wrote:

1.) But what is about the Bonjour service? Should the FF-Web Interface say “Running” or is “Stopped” okay? No further configuration of Bonjour needed?

It *should* say running, but it doesn’t. It’s a bug.

2.) Is it true that port opening is only a subject to the software firewall? All Hardware Firewall settings can be left unchanged? There is no need to open ports here?

If you have multiple firewalls between you and the destination, then you must have firewall rules to allow the traffic you want.

You’ll need port 80 open to the SB to allow access to the SB web interface.

You’ll need port 9999 from the SB to Firefly for the SB to connect to Firefly.

You’ll need multicast traffic from, udp port 5353 pretty much everywhere to allow rendezvous to work.

3.) Can I use Firefly WITHOUT having iTunes installed on my PC?

Yes. Just point the music directory to a folder full of music

4.) Why can´t I connect the Soundbridge under the XP “Network Area”, “UPnP Devices” – I see the SB device but I can´t get access to the SB – Web Interface; I can access both routers thru that way. Is there another way to access the web Interface?

Nope, sounds like a firewall issue.

— Ron