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Thx, will try that…

1.) But what is about the Bonjour service? Should the FF-Web Interface say “Running” or is “Stopped” okay? No further configuration of Bonjour needed?

2.) Is it true that port opening is only a subject to the software firewall? All Hardware Firewall settings can be left unchanged? There is no need to open ports here?

3.) Can I use Firefly WITHOUT having iTunes installed on my PC?

4.) Why can´t I connect the Soundbridge under the XP “Network Area”, “UPnP Devices” – I see the SB device but I can´t get access to the SB – Web Interface; I can access both routers thru that way. Is there another way to access the web Interface?

My IPs: Soundbridge Notebook I My PC Notebook II

tHx again for your help!!
greetz, Olli