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Yesterday I got my Soundbridge 1001 and during the whole night I tried my very best to make it work – to be honest: no success at all!! Internet–Radio as preinstalled on the device is no problem but I can not access my computer!The SB is connected via WiFi to a WiFi-Router (ZYXEL, in use as an access point). The Zyxel is connected to wired Router/Modem/Switsch made by AVM (fritz phone 5050) – thru this device my whole network is connected to the internet.

Last two times we saw this behavior, the culprit was the AVM device:

Why is my SB able to “see” SlimServer and iTunes but can not see the “Firefly”???

The only thing I can think is that the AVM doesn’t really do multicast routing. Slimserver uses broadcast, whereas bonjour/rendezvous uses multicast. What everyone has been able to troubleshoot so far is that on the “far” side of the AVM, you can see the _daap._tcp advertisement, but not the _rsp._tcp one. On the “near” side of the AVM, you can see both.

Don’t know why, except that it must be something in the AVM.

What happens if you plug you computer on the soundbridge side of the AVM, or if you move you SB to the computer side of the AVM?

Betcha it works.

Don’t know why, though. :/

— Ron